Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Ellis is two. And I love her. Lots. Because she gets hyper when tired. And loves to make everyone laugh. Especially Millie. And she is tough. Like when she lays down on the ground and Millie steps on her arm? She doesn't cry. Or make a sound. And the only reason I know it happened? I had a visual. She's compassionate too. Because when Millie went screaming and whailing to the bathtub for time out (new strategy), Ellis cried too. For Millie.

Oh. and she still takes the small piece of fringe from her favorite lion blanket, and smells it to help her fall asleep. Holds it right under her nose. And sometimes, when she's in the right mood, she will hold it up to the nose of whoever is in her presence. Just so that they can have some comfort too.

Favorite phraseology of late:

:: Dad, it's time to eat.

:: Mom, I love you.

:: I'll be right back.

:: Jump a jump

:: I want little Annie (as in orphan. the musical. on continuous rotation.)

:: more ketchup. please.

:: so sad.

:: I'm so mad. (grunt) I'm so mad.

:: Look at me. Millie. Look at me.


Liz said...

Sooo cute. :D

Two is ever so cute! It's three I have problems with...! :P

Mary said...

She's so sweet. I agree with Liz. Why do they call them the Terrible Twos? Threes are crazier.

Arianne said...