Wednesday, November 11, 2009

cooking for one.

I made meatloaf this week. I don't think I've ever made a loaf of meat. What a strange creation.

The recipe called for ground turkey. But I didn't have any. So beef it was. And mushrooms, and fontina cheese.

Um, what is fontina cheese? Right?

So I threw in an Italian Blend.

Fresh Sage. Na, only the dried stuff here.

And then the egg. Not one left in the house. So I left it out. And I left out the bread...because I'm still not going there.

And I thought that the changes would ensure that the loaf would part a la red sea effect. And we would be forced to turn it into taco night.

But it stuck. And was good. Even though ketchup and mustard could not tempt the toddlers to bite.

But it made up for the smoke that filled the house three times this week. And set off the alarm twice. All due to roasting tomatoes. And potatoes. And chicken.

photo via neilbetter

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Bradley Moss said...

Meatloaf is a favorite at our house...I'm not sure why but it has become a sort of comfort food for us. I like to use oatmeal and saltine crackers in mine. It's not as gourmet as yours.