Thursday, November 12, 2009

making a deal.

i know i said not a target my feet shall pass - but i got this for $20.00.

and that price threw me through the doors tied me down and wouldn't let me leave.

so merry christmas millie. i may be more excited about this than you.

you want one for this price?

Use these:


Megara said...

Thanks Jackie!! I was already planning on getting this for Lyza for Christmas! And they let you use both coupons? Awesome.

Jacks said...

Yep - the cashier was unsure. But Target allows you to utilize 1 target store coupon and 1 manufacturers coupon on the same item. LOVE TARGET!

Tanya Dow said...

do you frequent

Jacks said...

Tanya - I don't...but I will now! Thanks for the site.