Tuesday, November 17, 2009

waking up.

I woke up this morning to a tantrum. Mine.

Entering the kitchen to make the oatmeal, I spotted the pots from dinner last night.

And the food was still in them. Which led to the spontaneous combustion of tears and a few choice words. I'm sure that my daughters will happily recite them for you.

You see, last night I made curry chicken. Really good, new recipe, curry chicken. And it made a lot.

And someone forgot to put it in the refrigerator. I won't name names. No, I won't go that low. But in your family, is it always the responsibility of the cook to do such things?

Well the cook left the food out for the overworked soul who returned home late. And that soul ate. AND had the time and effort to bake cookies. And eat those cookies. Around the pots full of food.

While I worked downstairs.

Normally this would not have caused such a reaction. But I'm on a tight budget. And expecting company. And the leftovers were penciled in for Thursday night dinner.

I boxed up the leftovers and put them in the fridge. Because I cannot bring myself to give them up.

So sorry Mom and Dad. Food poisoning awaits.

photo via BabyDinosaur


merebuff said...

just make sure to heat everything fully. If you have a meat thermometer, you can check to see if things have been heated sufficiently. Right now, I can't recall the exact temp, but I believe it is between 140-165 degrees. That should kill the bugs. Hopefully

Bradley Moss said...

I'm sure it will be just fine since you'll be heating it back up. It sounds yummy!

Arianne said...

I did that last week! Only, not with chicken curry. I made this stuffing casserole and it made a ton. So, I happily filled another pan thinking we could eat it for a few days. I left it out so it could cool...and then found it the next morning. Bah! I actually didn't love the recipe so I threw it out...but I don't think I'd throw out chicken curry...(so basically my test isn't about health safety, it's about if I want to eat something again)

Clin A. Eaton said...

Who is that ungrateful 3rd party? There will be a reckoning. A recokoning- you hear me!

Judy Tan said...

Um, gross.

angee said...

That picture--too funny!

Your story--not appetizing.

But I can completely relate. How do they NOT get it?! :)