Wednesday, November 18, 2009

les miserables.

Millie and Ellis sat through Clin's High School production this morning.

A middle school matinee. The entire auditorium full. And we were surrounded by adolescents. I expected faculty tossing students out, taking away cell phones, sshhhhh-ing, and all of the above.

But alas. It was not to be. My girls were louder than any students. It was as if the middle schoolers were hypnotized (which says a lot to the production quality - nice work there Clin-0). And I was the only one taking people out.

It wasn't that they were crying, or screaming. But loudly asking questions:

Mom, what is happening?

They're prisoners.

Why is there smoke?

It's fog.

Where's the bad man?

Not on right now. He will be back soon.

Why is she dying?

She is sick.

Mom, it's just pretend dying.

Yes. Just pretend.

Why did that cart fall on that man?

It was an accident.

But why did it fall on him?

I don't know. So the large man could pick it up off of him.

What is happening?

Um....those women are trying to get money from the men.....

Millie: I want to sit on your lap.

Ellis: (pushing) No, get off.

Millie: Everytime I sit my underwear goes up my bum.

That last part was screamed.

And by the end of act 1 all candy/snacks had been devoured and the girls were crying hunger. But again - it was boredom.

Although Millie did sit entranced for most of the 2.5 hours. Particularly fond of Fantine, Javert, Master of the House, and One Day More.

Ellis just liked it when everyone was asleep. On stage.

You're invited to come and like that too.


Clin A. Eaton said...

My favorite moment was in Act 2 when Jackie and the girls were upstairs with me and Ellis poked me in the the eye so hard that my contact fell on the floor. It's very difficult finding a gas permeable contact on the floor of a dark auditorium using nothing but your cell phone light. Luckily it was found- but what it all leads up to is that I want Lasik for Christmas.

shoe8 said...

I think we can all relate to your experience!

alanaeaton said...

We're excited to see the production, although I don't think I want Ellis or Millie on my lap while we watch.

Tara said...

Because of this post, I almost laughed out loud when the cart was on top of the guy--though its obviously not supposed to be funny.

Overall--a fabulous production. I really loved it :)