Wednesday, November 4, 2009


So Millie is totally getting a dollhouse. I mean, all she wants to do is pretend play with her mini dolls. And I know that anything mini would put her over the top.

Any suggestions? Serious - what dollhouse is the best? What are you using? What do you recommend?

While we're at it - what are you getting your two year old girl?

photo via Mr Jan


Bradley Moss said...

My girl isn't two, but she is totally into My Little Ponies. She doesn't do the whole "brush the hair" thing, but she loves having different sized and colored ponies to play with. We are giving her a little "house" toy thing that goes with the ponies so that she can have something in addition to the ponies to play with.
Another of Isabel's favorites is a game by Discovery Toy. I don't remember the name of it off-hand, but it involves plastic bugs and making patterns. She LOVES that one and now is able to do it by herself (which is a sigh of relief to the non-entertaining mom that I am - you're much better at playing with your kids than I am).

Jacks said...

Ooo - you always have the best ideas. Thank you! I'll have to get the name of that game from you. And that's funny, I always think that I'm the non playing mom compared to you. Ha!

Sherry Carpet said...

greenleaf dollhouses are awesome. not too expensive to "furnish" either. i think the room furnishings run less than $10 per room.

i love wooden or tin toys because they look pretty and don't come with a bunch of plastic accessories that make me mad. also we like art supplies meant for little people, like crayons shaped like rocks. some good websites:

AmyMak said...

Brynne (5) and Paige (2) play for HOURS with Polly Pockets. The clothes go on without me having to put them on. They're small and can be put into a box under the bed. B/c they're small you'll be finding pieces everywhere for the rest of your life. But it's worth it.

Jacks said...

Really good ideas so far. Thank you. Sherry, I can't wait to check out those websites. I was hoping you'd send suggestions since seeing that dollhouse of Littles.

And I've been thinking that Polly Pockets may be the way we go (rather than a ginormous house.)Thanks Amy.