Sunday, November 1, 2009

procrastinating all fun.

So I took a mini blog break this past week. It wasn't intentional. But I've been under the weather. And under deadlines. Which have not yet approached. But I'm really working the focus. One strategy? Bribery.

For example, I am no longer allowed to read books (sorry book clubs) until I'm done with the GRE. I finally set a date and now have a serious month and a half. Of joyless studies. But oh, how sweet December 20th will be when I can pick up a bit 'o' fiction.

My blog isn't the only thing to suffer. Dear, dear Halloween. I thought for sure our girls would experience their first ever carved pumpkin. Alas, it was not meant to be.

Behold our household scare tactic:

Rotting pumpkins.

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amy said...

You'll do great on the GRE. Mine is NOv. 24th, and I have been so consumed with org chemistry I've only cracked the practice book a few times. I'm already planning to take the GRE a second time, assuming I'll do poorly the first time.