Tuesday, November 3, 2009


so i tried to make up for my lack of pre halloween revelry with a day of mothering perfection.

what does that entail? food. lots and lots of food. as in i made breakfast. for all. pumpkin pancakes with cinnamon cream syrup.

followed by a quick round of candy land castle.

snack time: candy corn

and an afternoon of making: pumpkin stew (served out of a pumpkin because themes are really important when meeting my mothering expectations), pumpkin hummus, halloween eye of newt, with veggie fingers.

and i forgot to take proof. but it was there.

and the kids were happy. and went scavengering with cousins. and it was the first time that i wasn't stuck home handing out the candy. but watching the girls. actually running from house to house. and shreiking. and millie waiting for ellis. and helping her to the door. and telling cousin caleb, everytime a street crossed their path, that they had to hold hands before crossing. and he agreed.


alanaeaton said...

And it was one of our best Halloween's ever, due to your fabulous food and getting to go trick or treating with the kids. Have they eaten all their candy yet?

angee said...

Too cute!!! And look at you, being all Halloween festive with your dinner and stuff! Wow! Way to go, over achiever!