Monday, August 18, 2008


This is theme week. What is theme week, you ask? It's where I pick a theme and that's what we do all week! It couldn't be more exciting.

So the theme for this week (drum roll) is brevity. Yup. All of my posts are going to be brief.

School starts next Monday, and I have lots and lots of work to do on my online course. I've tried pawning it off on Clin, Millie, even Ellis. But alas, no takers.

In an attempt to start this theme off right - go to Clin's blog. He finally posted. And as I know many of you have been reading this as an attempt to fill the emptiness, you can now return to your regularly scheduled programming.


Arianne said...
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Arianne said...

Jackie--your blog stands on it's own. Cause that's how cool you are.

Jacks said...