Wednesday, August 20, 2008


The Weepies. My new favorite. Thanks be to Krista. And I'll bet you've all been holding out on me. I'll bet this group is old news to you.

And I also like this song, this song, and this song.


Sherry Carpet said...

i'm so glad you love them as much as i do!! they're one of the few groups whose new album i ALWAYS buy, with our without listening to it first. they're really great live, so check out their tour schedule to see if they ever come through SLC.

Jacks said...

I'm completely addicted. Thank you! I never have time to really find new music. But I can always count on you. You're the best.

And I want all of their albums. I know that I will love them.

Sherry Carpet said...

i haven't really found anything new lately, either--i just recycle my old favorites every couple of years and hope they keep writing new songs.

if you liked the weepies, you might also like...(i sound like i work for amazon, no?)

-patti griffin
-the be good tanyas (you probably already know them)
-and, hello, we should all be listening to lucinda williams ALL THE TIME. if you know her and have a favorite, please share. if not, start with "lonely girls."

happy itunes-ing!

Jacks said...

The Be Good Tanyas - I only know them because of you. Genious that you are. Yup. I love them.

Okay, so Patti Griffin and Lucinda Williams - both added to my list.