Friday, August 1, 2008

February 3, 1992.

I kept a journal off and on from age 7 (1984) through high school. In an attempt to reminisce...understand myself....okay to come to terms with the 31 year old me, the following is a randomly chosen entry.

2/3/92 (Please remember I was 15 and a freshman)

This is the first time I have ever had to add paper to this journal. Today I got my grades for my 1st semester in High School. I remember when I was in middle & grade school. I used to want 4.00's all through high school. What is the deal? I already failed that dream. Am I lazy? I feel as if I am a lot! I got a 3.71! I got 2 B's. 1 was in Biology and the other was in Honors English. As hard as I try in those classes it seems I can't bring my grade up. When I showed my parents my report card - They didn't even say good job! They asked why I got a certain B. I had to go through the process of explaining it. Then Dad wouldn't listen to me or even believe me when I knew what was right. It's like just because he is grown up he should know. But he was wrong. I knew he was cause he was. Mom & Dad were making a big deal over nothing.


Judy Tan said...

I like the current blogs better. Jackie 2.0 (current version) is a more stable version of the software than Jackie 1.0 (high school age).

Liz said...

1992....hmmm that was my sophomore/junior year?? Oh my. That DOES take me back...The spooning parties...TPing...freeze outs...(sigh) and if memory serves...I'd just turned 16! :) And do YOU remember who I was crushin' on back then??? If I remember correctly for you, it was Richard Heemeyer, right?? Or wrong?

I'll give ya 3 guesses on mine, but you'll probably just need one....he was about the ONLY guy I had to look up to in HS...

Lawsy, how times HAVE changed! And DEFINATELY for the better. I like my hair soooo much better w/o BANGS. :)

Arianne said...

I like the 15 year old you...she's funny.