Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I went to my first consignment sale. I imagined a vast array of items, all under a dollar, and everything something that I would need. At 8:55 I attempted to enter, but all there were told to wait the 5 minutes until the volunteers finished their shopping. 9:00 AM it opened. And we were off.

I was totally out of my league. Each person seemed to have a strategy. One couple split and went in opposite directions, as they quickly looked over everything. I could tell that I should get out of their way.

Another woman brought a stroller. For her baby, you would think. But no! She used it for multiple purposes: in the likeness of a shopping cart, as a barrier to create a larger circle of space, as well as a instrument of defense.

They had a strategy. But I had none.

Soon I was fretting. What if I didn't get anything good? What if I missed the best items?

That's when all decorum and good will departed. That's when my strategy turned mean. What strategy? I just appeared; out of nowhere, from somewhere deep and innate within.

I grabbed everything that I saw - even if I only thought I wanted it.

One woman had a brand new Beauty and the Beast Belle doll. And all I thought about was Millie and her princess fetish. I knew I had to have it and began stalking. I followed the woman everywhere, thinking, she'll put it down.

To no avail. I started scheming about taking the doll, tripping the woman, bumping into her, anything that could get me the doll.

In the end I left with some books, a couple of baby toys, magnetic wooden dress up doll, hair bows, and one jumper. My deals were okay. Some were particularly astounding.

But I left feeling a bit empty......for the doll that got away.

Photo via dbarronoss


Liz said...

Yer soooo funny! ;) AND polite. :) I'd have kicked her in the shins and then ran away with the doll... (OK...maybe not...But I'd SOOOO do that in my head...!)

Arianne said...

You are so funny. I love it.