Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I feel something coming. I sense something imminent. And my mind is racing:
  1. Clin's birthday. It's coming up. I have nothing. I've planned nothing. I'm full of nothing.

  2. I want my drink.

  3. Dog barking. Naps and first thing in the morning. Every. Day. Reinforcing my dislike for dogs.

  4. Millie needs to go to the dentist. Like a year ago. And should I go with pediatric, or normal? And who?

  5. Thanksgiving Point - Dinosaur museum is overpriced, but the kiddie cones for 3 and under are just right.

  6. Is my garage door closed? 3:00 AM. Should I get up and check? Again?
  7. Rotten bananas dripping on my phone list.
  8. Should I force myself to post a picture on the blog of our shoe closet? Will it motivate me to clean it up?
  9. I really like garlic.


Annaca said...

Birthday: sometimes I never get Trav anything for his birthday. I just invite a few friends over, make a couple of really tasty treats, and it motivates me to spruce up the house. I always feel like I outdo myself (without buying a present), and that seems present enough.
Dentist: I've never taken either of my girls. I know don't tell anyone! I'm horrible, and a procrastinator and worst mother ever. Although I do [try to remember to] give them flouride (spelling?) pills.
Dogs: We'll probably never get one...too much poop to clean up. Don't tell my kids.
Bananas: Weren't you just saving those to make really decadent banana bread, or even better, banana muffins with butter cream icing. I know I was, I just waited too long :)

Jacks said...

Holy Moly - Annaca - you are right on. Way to make my day. Just a few words and I don't feel so overwhelmingly inadequate.