Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Clin: "I love her."

Me: "You love her?"

Clin: "I love her."

I say this all the time; that I love someone. Male or female, it's my way of saying I like something a lot. But Clin never says this. Occasionally to me. Occasionally. But about someone else? Never.

So to hear this gave me a bit of a twinge. A double-take. And then I thought...

I think that I love her too.


Bryan Summers said...

Yeah, she's pretty cool, I guess. I'm mostly just jealous that she gets to travel a bunch. If this is the person I'm thinking of.

Jacks said...

Yeah it is. And I must add - Clin said it while she was holding a huge Panda bear on her lap. So it was probably the aura of the Panda. Clin goes ga-ga over bears.