Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So this is a post that I created one week ago. I was a bit raw and couldn't bring myself to actually post it. Now, after a week, I feel that we can all enjoy (chuckle? clear the air? find humor in?) my tantrum.

Hate, hate, hate. Anger, anger, anger. Swear, swear, swear.

Which is what I did a million times over last night. As Mr. Police ticketed me in the short maybe 5 minute drive from church to home - as I sped up in a 25 mph zone to 43. And he followed me the entire time. Didn't warn me, or try to get me to slow down.

He pulled me over before I even had time to look at the speedometer - that is how long I was driving. Because who looks at the speedometer when they first hop in the car? And on a dark, poorly lit road? I don't know about you but I prefer looking at THE ROAD.

And I cried during my entire conversation with him. And forgot that I'm supposed to give him registration and insurance. And I gave him my 2008 insurance, and then found the 2009. Why did I forget? Because I haven't gotten a ticket since 1997. Or was it 1996? And in Oregon. And that was just wrong. But another story.

He came back, and I thought my record might make him merciful - or my tears. But he gave me a ticket. And even admitted that he could find nothing on my record and asked if I had ever even gotten a ticket. To which I replied, "not since college" and I think that should have warrented a warning. Because I'm the type that doesn't break the law on purpose. I mean, I would skip classes in high school only if there was a substitute, and only if we were doing nothing, and only if I had homework that I could be completing in a different place. See? I just am not the type that the police should even waste their time on.

And, I'm married to a teacher. Policemen should understand our finances. But he didn't know that. But I blame that too.

So I came home and swore at Clin and told him he's a crap driver and now he hates me.

And I hate myself.

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Clin A. Eaton said...

I didn't think you swore AT me- just around me. It was rather funny to me however... how a night after Young Women's could suddenly become a scene out of a David Mamet play. I may write a play about it- "Jackie's Brush With the Law"- and I'll have you know I haven't had a ticket in over 6 months (I pretty much got one in the exact same place Jackie did). i would have told the cop that I was watching for wild turkeys on the road (they do prance about there occasionally).

Bradley Moss said...

Okay, let's be honest here...I'm with Jackie. The fact that she gets a ticket when clearly Clin is always speeding is a joke. But not necessarily funny. I'm sorry - I hate getting pulled over (as you can attest to, Jackie, having observed it coming home from Cedar City with a van full of crying children...thank you Mr. Policeman for the warning that time). I think your Lehi cops are just hungry to find upright citizens that they can upset; otherwise why stop sweet Jackie?

Anonymous said...

So sorry! That feeling of seeing those lights is the WORST in the world!!!

Jacks said...

True Clin - I didn't swear at you. But you were in the vacinity and afterwords I had these images of you trying to dodge them. Or maybe I dreamed that.

Shawnda - I thought of our Cedar City experience while I was waiting for the officer to return to the car with my license and I kept wishing my car was full of babies. Apparently sympathy comes late at night when many children are screaming. But one crying adult about to burst with rage does not induce the same feelings.

I'm sure I deserved the ticket. I think it was my time to contribute to this aspect of society.

Judy Tan said...

I've never had a ticket......and I've been driving since 1985......and I've driven in Lehi.......but, I have sworn before.....but never around Clin.

Amy said...

ahhhh!! poor thing. I totally feel for you! I had to go to byu driving school because I rolled through stop sign by the cannon center. Please!!!! did that cop really have nothing better to do than to hide out there??!?!??! I was so mad!!

Kyle said...

I really feel for you. My hatred for Cops goes back to when I was in Priests Quorum.

Jacks said...

Oh Judy you make me laugh.

Amy, thanks for the sympathy. I hear ya on that stop sign. Grrr.

Kyle - the memories. Oh, the memories. You should come over and share with Clin. I tried to explain but couldn't do it justice.

Kyle said...

We might be coming to Utah in January. We think we are going to move our call center to Utah county and I would come out to find a location and start training.
Regardless, you should come out and visit. We have a ton of room and there is a lot to see and do for free.