Tuesday, November 25, 2008

sending thanks.

Dear Judy, Greg, and Chandler:

This is the cow shirt. It is my favorite shirt. I want to say thank you. I like the color.



P.S. Details from the Mom:

She wants to wear it every day. Everywhere.

And the funny addition? I couldn't get her to try it on for weeks. Why? She thought the sleeves would be too long.

But once she felt the warm, orange, comfy Texas goodness she did not want to take it off.


Judy Tan said...

Now you need to teach her to say "hook 'em horns". Chandler read your post and replied "God, Bless Texas". LOLOLOLOL

Jacks said...

Oh I love that! Chandler - you rock! And Millie agrees, God Bless Texas.

We will start working on hook 'em horns.