Monday, November 3, 2008

recapping the weekend.

Halloween in pictures.

Millie as Belle and Ellis as a beast (or cat, depending upon your preference).

From scratch. And it was good. Food processors rock!

Then the real terror occurred.

If you are squeamish, skip the following.

Ellis had a cranky spell on Saturday.

Just as we were heading out of the house for an evening date, the following happened.

It started at the bed. Clin reacted quickly. Ran to the bathroom, aimed for the sink, but it was projectile. And it was every where. The more I cleaned, the more I found. In the strangest places.

We stayed in.


Sherry Carpet said...

i love the collage style. yer such an artisan. and i'm totally impressed by millie's hair. how in the world? i'm lucky to get ally's major snarls out before noon.

Emmy said...

I'm sure it was a romantic evening in.

Jacks said...

I don't usually do Millie's hair. At all. We have an agreement that I can put one rubber band in her hair, as long as I don't brush.

This was my Halloween trick, I pulled out the Beauty and Beast DVD and told her that I would do it exactly like the cover. And then I sat her in front of the TV. It worked! Who knew.

Plus, Ally has curls. So much harder to brush out.

Anonymous said...

Love the blog. Clever. Totally you. Thanx for letting me view it! We had a lot of fun today, although it was crazy!!

And the puke... Gross.

Angee :)