Friday, November 28, 2008

November 27, 1992.

In honor of Thanksgiving - here's a look back at a journal entry from a Thanksgiving past.

11/27/92 - Friday (15 years old)

Been really busy this Thanksgiving weekend. Yesterday night we went to Grandma's and celebrated. I loved it. We always get around her player piano & sing together. That's something I'll always love. I wish - I'm going to become better friends with Grandma Summers. I always feel so far away - yet she is so interesting. Especially her growing up years. She's writing a book about it and I can't wait to read it. I love her.

Kelly & I went to the movie, A River Runs Through It. It had an ending that was the best I've ever seen. I love Kelly - she's a sister to me.

This Sunday I'll catch up my writing on all the things I've meant to write about, but keep forgetting.

*Reminder - John & Rags for curls.


kelly riding said...

Do you know how happy it makes me to see your journal entries back? Very. I totally remember watching that with you and LOVING it. Hope your Thanksgiving was fab!

Jacks said...

Was that the one we snuck 1/2 a dozen donuts in???

kelly riding said...

probably! i remember thinking we were SO sneaky. did we actually eat ALL of the donuts. i'm sure we did. i have the bestest memories with you!