Tuesday, November 18, 2008

on the trail. Part 2.

I spent the morning looking for a diaper filled with poop. One moment it was here. And then I turned around and it was gone. It wasn't under any of the beds. Not in the bathrooms. Not in the diaper pail. I know because the garbage bag had not yet been replaced, and the pail remained empty.

It wasn't on any bathroom counters, or in the bathtubs. Not under the crib, or in the closets. I couldn't find it on the bookshelf, or in the plastic tub overflowing with animals.

I was about to give up and allow the scent to eventually lead the way, when I passed the kitchen and found it resting on top of the garbage can.

Ah, Ellis. Keeper of secrets. The sneaky pick pocket has learned where things belong.

photo via tinggay


Anonymous said...

HAHAHA I always have to check my garbages now because I never know what "present" Karlee has left inside!

angee :)

Satisfying my Sweet Tooth said...

What a nice little girl to be so helpful! We missed you Sunday and did you get a ticket last Wednesday? I wanted to circle over and over again to see everything that happened, but I knew I had a hungry baby at home. Cops are just mean!