Friday, November 21, 2008


Last weekend I learned something new about Carl's Jr.

Their new jalapeno burger?

It tastes great going down and absolutely awful coming up.


Kyle said...

Are you pregnant?

Jacks said...

I didn't even think this would sound like a hint at pregnancy.

NO! I'm not. I was absolutely sick. As in all over sick and that burger just made it worse. Not pregnancy feeling sick, but stomach flu feeling sick.

Clin A. Eaton said... other words, sick with pregnancy-like symptons.

Jacks said...

Oh. Okay Clin. Hit me over the head. Good idea. Let's start an internet rumor. Where will it take us? Let's fabricate a bit 'o' excitement!

Kyle said...

We're all very excited for you East of the Mississippi.

Amanda said...

I love that you and clin "chat " with each other on your blog comments. Stomach Flu is not fun, now will you ever eat another jalapeno burger is the question?

Jacks said...

No more jalapeno burgers for me. And no more Carls Jr either. The two are forever linked.