Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Happy New Year's Eve. Not usually an eve that I celebrate. I'm not one for partying. Not really my thing. So no real traditions.

When I was little my brothers and I would eat chips and homemade onion dip. And stay up all night watching Marx Brother movies. I still like chips, onion dip, and Marx brothers. But I don't like staying up all night. And I don't have any brothers around.

But tonight I have plans. I get to see what my husbands been doing with his evenings the past two plus months. And I'm looking forward to laughing. Eating. And laughing some more.

What are you doing?


Liz said...

Merry New Year! Oh wait. I got that wrong. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope your New Year is wonderful!

Felicity said...

Yay! So glad we got to meet up for a bit on New Years. Good times. Free food. Can't complain.

Jacks said...

Liz - Merry New Year right back at ya!

Felicity - it was really great to see you. And, I must add, you have some awesome hair going on. Really cute.