Monday, April 20, 2009


So this is what Disneyland taught me....I can't find the motivation, or inspiration, to write a blog post that I like unless I'm complaining, angry, sad, depressed, or whatever else comes with groveling life.

Disneyland was not sad, or depressing, or groveling. I wasn't angry (okay, maybe once or twice) and walking around with Disney music piped into outside speakers? Who couldn't be happy hearing Give a Little Whistle as the background music to life. In fact, I'm thinking about installing personal speakers that will allow me background music where ever I go. Because that would rock.

The worst thing that happened was the weather. It was great. But not what I expected. Because Clin was in charge of checking the weather and I was in charge of reminding him. And neither got done. So I packed shorts and skirts for the girls. And they each only had 1 pair of pants and 1 long sleeve hoody. And that is what they got to wear the entire time we were there.

That was fun, because we then got to relive the smells and stains of day one throughout the entire week.
Remember the purple yo-gos you had on the plane? ME TOO!

Remember when that diaper became overly wet? HOW COULD WE FORGET?
And I would like to give a shout out to whoever is in charge of Disney bathrooms. You should get a pay raise. Or how about one of those AIG bonuses? Because you are doing your job. They were cleaner than clean. Seriously.

Ellis, you want to lick the toilet seat? Have at it! no worries here. Oh, look. Millie is throwing a tantrum on the stall floor. How adorable. Go ahead and roll around a few minutes more. Might as well take advantage while we are here.
And we did.


Anonymous said...

Too funny! I love hearing your perspective on things. And seriously, the nursing rooms/mother's stations in Disney World were like luxury. I could've stayed there the whole time!

Neal C. said...

I honestly love reading your blog, as well as Clin's! You are both so DAMN funny!

Jacks said...

Serious, Angee- I agree. i could move into the bathrooms.

And Neal! Welcome to my comments! I never expected you to post. Thanks for the compliment. Right back at you.