Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I've been through many, many houses in the past few days. We would like to close on a house the same day our house closes. Meaning, we want to move directly from our house to a new place. No stops in between. No hotels, no storage units, no tents, or sleeping in cars. Although a woman in our ward has already offered us her spare room. The sparest of the spare. Which is always tempting, as Anne has taught us so well.

So this is where we are at. Which would you choose?

House #1: The Model Home

On the higher end of our budget. Really big. Unfinished basement. 3 bed and 2 bath on main floor. Living space has a room for the piano and a separate family room with fireplace. The master bath is a bedroom in and of itself. Bathtub for the whole family type thing. There is a bonus room above the garage with a built in girl's cottage type play area. Fully fenced yard. No house directly behind it, but a huge soccer field with walking trails and a large play area on the other side of the field. So a nice view.

We call it the model because it was a model house in its day. So there are upgrades that we would never be able to afford, or know how to choose based on our own cheap-o tastes.

The house also sports the smell of cat, is a bit unclean, needs some touch-up paint (particularly in the play area bonus room), some carpet cleaning, window well covers are missing, and a bonus pile of cigarette butts sit on the grass outside the patio in the back. But there is no smoke smell inside the house.

House #2: Pottery Barn

This picture does not do the outside justice. It is very pretty to look at. I promise. This house is impeccably clean. Has a finished basement for a total of 5 bedrooms and a family room. The main living space is a great room, with living space, dining room and kitchen all open to the front door. The laundry room is off of the garage and is large enough to also be a mud room. Storage space in basement. All new carpet. Fully fenced. RV pad. Large cement patio in back that is covered. Window well covers are already in place.

We call it the pottery barn house because the paint and carpet colors transport us to the store. The kitchen is not the prettiest and a cat also lives here. Although the house doesn't smell of it.

Which would you choose?


Leigh said...

BOO for cat smells. Go for 2.

Candis Ellis said...

It seems like you like #1 better.... I would go for that one. You can always get smells out, and seriously, a cottage play area??

AmyMak said...

#1. Walking trails huge bonus. But then again, where would Clin park his RV? So jealous you can find FIVE bedroom homes. Only out west I guess... Good luck!

Amy said...

first of all are you just moving locally? just curious? Congrats on selling your house. As for the new home I do love the look of #1 but i think i'd go for #2. If #1 is at teh top of your price range/budget and it sounds like it still could use some work and the basement is unfinished....you probably will always feel tight with money and never feel you can afford to actually finish the house like you would like to. Plus I'd have a hard time with the cat smell.
House #2 seems like it's ready to go and won't need much work and I'm assuming is more in your price range or would at least not stretch you so tight. Blah blah blah. Just my thoughts not that you care.

Jacks said...

Completely agree on the cat smells. Blah! Cottage play area is a bonus - but Clin IS an RV man....

Amy you are right, pottery barn house is in our price range and wouldn't be a stress in that area.

Oh - to go for beauty, or practicality?

Mary said...

#1 is very tempting. A play room and huge bathroom? I want it. But, #2 may be the better choice money-wise.

Anna said...

Well... if you plan on making money on the house down the line, you could buy #1 and eventually finish the basement. Matt and I did that and made some nice cash. I also like the walking trails and the park. That would be so nice.

On the other hand, think about what you will really do with the house and how much the money issue will stress you out vs. having people be able to see straight into your kitchen when they walk in.

If you are fixer-uppers, I'd buy #1. If you are not, I would buy #2. You will make the right decision!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Both are beautiful! I'm praying for you guys!