Wednesday, April 29, 2009

falling behind.

damn you joneses. that's right. i swear in your direction.

i will never catch up. i wasn't meant to. i guess.

but you continue to pressure me. with your rich cabinets. separating the tubs from the showers. fancy floors.

knowing what i could have. but don't. kills.

it feels so final. i don't want to move. ever again. and so i should get something that i love. right?

that is the greedy, self-serving, copycat speaking.

i don't want what everyone else has. but i do. really.

and i want to know that in 20 years it will sale.

i'm sick inside. and all i want is to sit. eat junk food. sleep.

millie keeps getting into the marshmallows. and cookies. and i let her. i hear it. and do nothing.

that is what moving does to you. puts you in over your head. and forces you to face your financial status. and social class.

the lowsy joneses taunt you. call to you. then they laugh and leave.

and i swear.


Liz said...

LOL. You make me laugh. Darn those Joneses anyways...
ps...we may be headed to your neck of the woods in the next month to drop off brother in law #5 at the MTC. Any chance I'd be able to see you? :P
BTW...I'd go with the Model home. Not that PB House doesn't sound nice. It sounds amazing. But I'm an Arts&Crafts style girl...and that house looks like the modern A&C style...AND I LIKE a challenge!!! The personalizing / painting / CLEANING it all...until it becomes my own.
Good luck. :D

Arianne said...

Good luck deciding! It's true--moving brings out envy. When we were looking at apartments, we went into this really fancy place. We took one look at the brochure (way outside our price range) and we made a quick exit. The apartment looked so nice in the brochure I didn't even want to see the real thing because I knew I would really want it and be disappointed with what we really got.

Anna said...

It's hard choosing between two good things... Maybe this will cheer you up:

Jacks said...

Anna - I love it. Serious. Sesame street always brings the happy.

Anna said...

I'm glad I brought you a little happiness. I am addicted to Sesame Street. Congrats on The Barn; sounds like it was meant to be! (Even though I hate it when people say that.)