Tuesday, April 21, 2009

writing a boring list of fun rides.

I'm not a space mountain kind of gal. I said it. I know. I'm uncool. And old. And you now find me boring.

I'm more of a Fantasylander. I would move there. Live there. It's cozy. Safe. And the character of it = FUN.

Alice and Wonderland

Mr. Toads' Wild Ride (Remember hell and the room getting hot? Come on crazy!)

Teacups (I can't go on this one without sickness. but the girls giggled and guffawed),

Peter Pan,


Snow White (Kyle - remember in 2003 when you, Clin, and I stuffed ourselves into this one? I just remember you clutching your backpack in embarrassment. Asking why we were wasting our time. For me. And you did it for me! I will admit that it is much more enjoyable with kids on board.)

And the girls favorite? Dumbo. I totally see why.

My favorite? Storybook Canal. Okay I liked Indiana and Splash Mountain as well. (And Winne the Pooh and Big Thunder Mountain, and the Nemo "worth the wait" ride, and Monsters' Inc, and Toy Story 4-D, and Soarin', and etc., etc.)

And It's a Small World rocks. The girls found it so hypnotic that I might suggest that the Land is pipping drugs into the ride. If it weren't illegal. And I liked the additions of the Disney characters (Cinderella, Alice, Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Mulan, Ariel, Jasmine.) It's fun trying to find them all.

Millie and Ellis LOVED driving cars on Autopia. And I enjoyed the crazy ride. Mostly due to their giggles.

And the Roger Rabbit ride is f-u-n. Even more charming with the time spent stuck in the room where Roger gets electrocuted. Quite the intimate moment of joy.

Biggest dissappointment? That the treehouse is now Tarzan's and not Swiss Family Robinson's. Remember the cool things the family created to make their life easier? Like the wheel with cups that caught water and brought it up to the the top of the house? I miss that.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!!! The memories!! Isn't it so much more fun with kids?! I have never had such a fun time!

Liz said...

So...be honest. How bad is it/good is it taking toddler age kids? Is it better to hold off until later for their first time? Or plunge ahead into the deep abyss of toddlers+disney???

Jacks said...

Seriously, I was expecting the worst of worst. And it was great. We had some strategy going in, thanks to the unofficial guide to disneyland. We got there first thing each day, and then we went back to the hotel after lunch for naps (when it was busy) and then back to the park for the evening.

And we also had a stroller for each, since walking all day would have been very hard and we couldn't have gotten to places as quickly without them.

I always wanted to wait until my kids were 6, but it was really fun and both LOVED it, even 2 year old.

With Fastpasses, and parent swap (one parent waits in line, rides, and then the other gets a paper and can go right on when first is off - I mean I was let right on and didn't have to wait in line when Clin got off.) it was very do-able.

Judy Tan said...

Again, I am going in 49 days to Disneyworld. I have invited you like 5 or 6 times over the past 10 years......how many times have you gone? ONCE...and pre-kids. It is the happiest place on earth! And yet you turn me down, over and over, again. I just don't get you.

Jacks said...

I totally want to go with you - but Disneyworld is HUGE and more costly than Disneyland, and now we have exhausted the funds. So we'll have to save up for next time.