Wednesday, April 8, 2009

sobbing nostalgic.

Clin is working on Back To The 80's...The Totally Awesome Musical!

We keep talking about our favorite songs from the era. Many of which his students have never heard. And those students are excited for their parents to see the musical because their parents are children of the 80's. What? Can the children of the 80's already be the parents of teens?

Of course they can. But it doesn't seem that long ago.

So in my current state...

(what state is that, you ask? Oh the state of PMS. Never been there? You should visit because you are totally missing out.)

...I keep remembering and hearing songs that used to make me cry. (Ok. They still make me cry. Whatever.) And there were 2 favorite places for sobbing to songs:

  1. In front of the mirror

  2. In the living room of my parents' house, looking out the window into the park that bordered our backyard. And it had to be dark, and often raining, in order to see my reflection.

So I thought that the rest of this week could be dedicated to songs, rocking songs, that inspired tears and sobs.


photo via ♥ Jaye


Kyle said...

Did I ever inspire any tears?

Jacks said...

Only when you sang:)