Monday, April 6, 2009

saying goodbye to...

my favorite part. ever. or at least this year. i love u matilda. thanks for the fun.

new friends. and lots of talent.

the flash of my camera. and the realization that i can no longer take pics of everyone at the cast party.

so here's to some more (thank you Facebook - where were you when i was in high school? - and Hilary for posting) who didn't make my pre-drop memory card.

both casts.

and to fun.


angee said...

Love the stage make-up!! Looks like it was so fun! Bittersweet, I'm sure.

Liz said...

Very, very cool Jackie! :D

Cassandra said...

I wish we could have seen it! One of our friends had a blog post dedicated to how great the show was so I had to brag about being related to you. She wrote back and said, "That is so awesome Eric's cousin was Mayor Matilta, she was hilarious."

Jacks said...

Wow - your friends dedicated an entire post to the show? That's awesome. Thanks for sharing this - awesome!