Thursday, July 31, 2008


To the man in the quiet study room at the Sandy Public library:

Dear Mr. Man,

It was a pleasure to spend four hours of my time with you today. While we did not speak, I definitely felt a connection.

Perhaps it was your coughing. Or perhaps it was each time you cleared your throat, snorted, or even got up to leave the room - opening and closing the door each time you left.

There were quite a few others in the room with us, but none made the impression that you did. In fact I don't remember any of them.

But understood the idea of quiet at an elevated level. Particularly when you began reading your text, regarding bankruptcy, outloud.

And then you belched.


But none of this phased you. Not at all. Why? Because you enforced the quiet rule better than us all. How?

Bright pink earplugs.

Good thing or you may have upset your own train of thought.


Judy Tan said...

lolololol--why were YOU there that long?

Jacks said...

I was confining myself to a hard chair, hard desk, in a strange city away from humanity (kids), in order to accomplish amazing amounts of updates on my online course for Fall. I would have stayed longer, but the Internet connection kept dropping out.

Liz said...

ROTFLMBO!!!! That is hysterical!!! Makes ya wonder what goes on in peoples heads that they find this behavior acceptable in private, let alone public?!! Thanks for the laugh!!! Sorry about the expense it came with.... ;0)