Tuesday, October 14, 2008

bonding with my two moms...and a sis.

So sorry I have not posted. But I have a brilliant excuse. I've been bonding. Bonding with the girls. Once a year we all get together. Me, my sisters, my mom, and mommy k. Yes, you heard me right.

See, my sisters have two moms....and in some ways, so do I. Karen, my dad's ex-wife, has always been known to me as Mommy K. And her two daughters grew up with me and my Mom. And I wanted to be just like them. And Mommy K would visit and I didn't know anything because I was young and just thought she was amazing and had awesome red hair. (which she is. and she does.)

And then I moved to Utah and Mommy K gave me my first washer/dryer, and my first dining room table, and took me in at Thanksgiving, and invited me over when my sisters were in town, and treated me like family.

So once a year we all get together and hang. And have fun. And eat. And they talk me into shopping. And then we eat some more. Last year - Snowbird. This year, Chez Mommy K.

This is my older sister Kirstin. Notice her beauty. Notice her nails. Notice her makeup. Notice her matching clothes. Yep - she's awesome. Brightens a room, makes things better, makes things happy. That's how it always was when growing up. And I always wanted to be just like her.

She didn't get to come this year. But in honor of her - I want everyone to know that we did not play Trivial Pursuit. We did not play one game. She is still the champ and will not - no - can not be defeated until we are all together.

Kirst - you rock! 2009 or bust.

This is me with mommy k. See what I mean about the hair? Red rocks. She was an amazing hostess. Her house had been Marthafied.

Serious. Here is the gift basket that was in our room. Socks, Luna bars, gum, funny magnets, water bottles, and post-it notes in the shape of the letter J!

She also had a pile 'o' mags on the coffee table. People, O, In-Style, you name it.

And I thought that perhaps this was special. You know, just for the weekend? But she is always this organized. Here is her craft room. And this wall is her ribbon wall. Yes! I know what you are thinking...only in magazines. And that was my thought exactly. Until I saw this room. And I just wanted to sit on the floor and breath it in. It was beautiful.

Here is mom at breakfast. And notice - every morning we had half a grapefruit. and toast. Who knew I liked grapefruit. and toast.

And please note the gift bags. Every morning there was a gift bag with presents. Fun. happy presents. Jacks, and a fun pen, and a mood ring. Because I like moods.

So, we ventured out in the snow. and get a load of our idea of fun.
  • home show - with Kelsey Nixon. That's right. from season 4 of the Next Food Network Star. and i forgot my camera in the car. but i saw her make bread pudding. and i asked her two questions. and she came off as real. and genuine. and awesome. for example: she was the assistant to Martha Stewart's assistant, and said that martha is beautiful on the outside and sort of beautiful on the inside. (I know!) And Rachel Ray was the least friendly and most disappointing of all the people they worked with. and if Sandra Lee had her heart set on something they could not talk her out of it - like opened pine car fresheners as napkin rings. ( I know!!)
  • cheesecake factory - minus the cheesecake.
  • greg kinnear - in Ghost Town and Flash of Genius
  • chocolate
  • talk
  • Karen's awesome potato salad
  • hour massage for all
  • anthropology
  • old navy - where everyone talked me into purchasing $4 and $5 shirts
  • target
  • smith's marketplace - where everyone talked me into purchasing $55 shoes for $15. And then mom paid. moms rock!
  • Pei Wei
  • diet coke
  • Ikea - and putting together a chair.
  • BYU Bookstore
  • Zupas
  • Karen's awesome beef over rice.
  • chocolate
  • more talk

Here is my sister Judy. Notice the nails match the sweater. AND the makeup. Yeah. Beautiful. She kept us laughing all weekend. and said she liked my hair. swweeeet! and i always wanted to be just like her - so compliments from Judy can make your world. Honest. give her a call. get a compliment? Your life will change.

Pudding on the Rice. Need I say more? Notice the rockstar in the back.

This is Debra. Greg's (Judy's husband) sister. She joined us on our last day.

And then we were done.


Judy Tan said...

Nicely done. I feel like I don't even need to journal. :)

Kyle said...

I wish I was a Summers sister!!!

Kirstin said...

Wow!!! You are so amazing, thanks for the overview! I SOOOO missed you guys. Secret is Jack, that I aspire to be you!!! You are such an amazing wife and mother. I love you to death!! Have a fun weekend. xoxoxo

Amanda said...

Oh my, this sounds like so much fun. Mommy K is quite the hostess. What a great tradition.