Sunday, October 5, 2008

in a dilemma.

photo by Steffe

Do I let her make a wish when I know full well the consequences that await us next spring?

photo by Dawn Endico


Sherry Carpet said...

dandelions are pretty.

i have the same issue, but i don't sweat it because i'm a renter. ;-)

web mistress, i notice you always attribute your photos to their owners...should i have been doing this all along? what's the protocol? a link, i guess?

oops. is something bad going to happen to me?

Bryan Summers said...

those are pretty pictures.

Jacks said...

I never used to issue over this. And I love dandelions...when it's not my yard.

As for photo protocol - I have no clue. The sites that I get my images from have rules - and basically they are free to use as long as the person who created the photos is credited. So I include their name and link to where I found the photo.

Clin doesn't do it. I just always worry that I will, I don't know, explode or something. So while I have no clue of the true rules, I try to give it my best.

Your picture is killing me. I laugh everytime I see it.

Liz said...

Too cute. :) Let 'em make their wishes...they're only young for a little while...

And addin' a little weed n' feed to yer yard ain't sucha bad thing... ;0)