Thursday, October 30, 2008

sick of long posts.

And I promise that next week I will only write short - very short - posts.

Our last morning in New York, Sunday, was a blur.

Breakfast, we headed to
Le Pain Quotidien. (Which is very crowded on Sunday morns.) But we ate my ideal breakfast.

This was some type of pistachio cake like thingy. I can't recall the name. But it was good.

My only other real memory of the morning was catching, what felt like, 20 different subway lines to get to Peanut Butter & Co. This is the store that haunts my NY dreams, and lingers in my mouth - even at this moment.

We ordered take out to eat for dinner on the plane that night.

Clin ordered - Dark Chocolate Dreams Sandwich: Chocolate Peanut Butter and cherry jam, stuffed with shredded coconut. It's peanut butter meets black forest cake.

I ordered - The Cookie Dough sandwich: Peanut butter, chocolate chips, and cream cheese.

Mine completely wasted Clin's in fabulousness. I Looovvvveeed it. And I also loved that it came with a small bag of potato chips and carrot sticks. Perfect for dinner on the plane. It was so good that I completely forgot to take a photo.

Here I am in our taxi cab on the way to the airport....before I got sick. I'm surprised we survived this ride. Clin knows I'm completely sick when I stop talking, only look straight ahead, and roll down the window. It took a few hours for the feeling to go away.

And at the airport Clin finally met someone famous. This is Mindy Kaling from the television show The Office. (She is also a writer on the show. Gen.i.ous.)

Here's what happened. We sat down at our gate with all of the other Utah looking people. Soon I see Mindy (because we're totally on a first name basis now) come up and sit directly across from me. Clin was not there at the time - so it was actually my sighting, not his. Oh, and she had matching pink baggage by the way. Very cute. Because I'm totally into pink.

Clin comes back just in time to see Mindy walk away. He looks at me and I see his eyes light up.
Me: Clin. Don't be obnoxious. Let her have her privacy. I'm sure she doesn't want everyone paying attention to her. Especially in such a crowded place.

Clin: Just a picture. No one will notice.
Yeah! Right!

That is when we find out that our gate has been changed and everyone sitting around us starts to move to the real gate. So the only reason we even saw Mindy was thanks to Jet Blue for sending those going to Burbank, CA to our gate. Thanks Jet Blue.

We wait. Passive stalking. I suppose. And the longer I'm waiting the more nervous I get. And I must say - I hate, HATE, hate asking famous people for a picture, signature, or even to raise their head and acknowledge my existence.

She comes back and is moving her luggage to a different seat. We collect our things and make the approach. I'm really smooth because I have the camera (hidden) and I walk by and act like I don't see her. That way if Clin decides not to go through with it (yeah, right) I won't have to be humiliated.
Clin: Are you on The Office?

Mindy: Yes.

Clin: We love the show. Can I get a picture of you?

(This is my cue to stop and turn. Maybe someday I'll keep walking. What would happen then?)

Mindy: Sure.

I turn, snap the photo. She was very kind and smiley. So I say (just so she knows that we are big fans, not just your average run of the mill channel changer): And aren't you one of the writers as well?

Mindy: Yes.

Me: Thank you for making us laugh.
What? Why did I open my mouth??? Stupid. Cheesy. Dumb. But she smiled, and I slothed away, and Clin got his picture AND his encounter with fame.


Mary said...

And I say to you Jackie, "Thanks for making US laugh."

amy said...

SHUT UP!!!! I love Kelly! I truly think she is my favorite character on the Office! More than Dwight! more than Michael. I just think every time she opens her mouth my stomach hurts from laughing. Thank you for letting clin say something!

Amy said...

oh gosh!! I love the office. I would have been fascinated if I saw her or anyone else from the office in the airport! I have loved looking at all of your NY pictures. What a great trip. Clinn did a great job. And the food looks amazing.

Emmy said...

Ditto to Mary! That was funny! And, I thought a very clever line. If I was Kelly my ego would be floating the whole day. Glad you guys had a great trip!