Thursday, October 16, 2008

threading my machine.

I did it! I totally threaded my sewing machine. By myself. Alright, I had a bit of help. I went to WikiHow and found directions. Go there and read. You will see that it makes absolutely no sense. I thought I would have to relent, drop my pride, and turn to someone else for instruction. And then I scrolled down and found video instruction. Thank you Mrs. Abdul.

I realized that my machine did not have a needle. Or a foot. (Is that even what it's called?) And I searched through an old box and found them. I have no clue if I'm using the correct ones, as there were multiple options. So let's pray they don't break.

Thank goodness the bobbin was already threaded, because there was no video for this, and the written instruction has nothing, NOTHING, in common with the machine that sits in front of me.

So I measured elastic. And I threw it in the machine.

Attempt 1 - great on top and a tangled mess underneath.

Attempt 2 - again, tangled mess of an underbelly.

WikiHow related tip How to Adjust the Tension on a Sewing Machine equals enlightenment.

Attempt 3 - perfection!

And I did it on my own. Before the bobbin ran out.

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Sherry Carpet said...

i always spend the first half of my time on a project trying to figure out the thread tension. it's painful. good job.