Thursday, October 2, 2008

storing shoes.

I have a confession. This is our shoe closet.

And this.

So I put this to you. The reader. What's your solution? Before you answer, I need to give you a bit of information.
I want the shoes close to our garage for easy removal. I can't handle, CAN'T HANDLE, seriously nerotically can't handle the kids, or spouse wearing these in the house.

Visitors, before you judge me, you are welcome to wear the shoes in the house. Honest. I don't mind. You don't know what you're getting into and I know that I can't hold you accountable.

But the immediate family? They know better. And anything that saves me a bit of cleaning is worth it. For everyone.

So I need a way to organize. Without having to remodel the house.

Any ideas?


Arianne said...

One of my friends has shelves in the garage for shoes--right by the door. Like a long box with one shelf in the middle so it has three shelves for shoes. Then they just stack them all outside--seems to work for them.
That may not be very convenient though for the little ones...

Annaca said...

I've heard of the shelf in the garage idea before, and I vote for that. Maybe you could just have a good sized basket by the door for the little girls, or at least for the shoes that they wear more frequently. Organization is the best, but hardest thing in the whole wide world (in my opinion). Good luck!

Emmy said...

A medium sized bookshelf that would fit behind the door? Easy for the girls to pull them out and put back. Or shoe cubby shelves (maybe more expensive than the bookshelf). I also like the garage idea. You could just get a cheap bookshelf out there (from DI)! Good luck! Let us know what you end up doing. I'm perpetually trying to organize...

Jacks said...

Thank you for the ideas. Why did garage not even come into my mind? Someone else mentioned, off line, two baskets. One for kids, one for adults (like your thought Annaca). I'm going to start there and then see how that works.