Wednesday, October 1, 2008

guessing, week 4.

Okay Clin. I'm starting to think that your final clue will not tell me where we're going. I was under the assumption that each clue would build onto the last until, voila! the week 5 reveal.

But now. This week. I see that you are just toying. Just re-stating each clue to stretch this out.

What does this week's clue tell me?
  1. October 15. Hunting. I know.

  2. Take Clin to school. A given.

  3. Mom and sleeping babes. An obvious fit.

  4. Me packing all luggage. Duh.

  5. Ford in long-term parking. New detail. Yes. And while the layman may think this means airport. Airplane. Flying. Destination outside of Utah. I tend to think, Mass transit. Trax. Destination downtown SLC.


kelly riding said...

i can't wait to hear all about this! thanks soooo much for such a fun evening. i LOVE spending time with you. i always feel better after we've talked. jacks, did i ever tell you you're my hero, you're everything i wished i could be....

Jacks said...

And did I ever tell you, Thank you for being a friend. Traveling down the road and back again. Your heart is true...

Saturday rocked. Thanks for coming. And I'm saving the rest of your milkshake for the next time we have you over. months.