Friday, October 10, 2008

January 11, 1991.

This is an exerpt from the journal I kept from age 7 through 18. I'm not changing names anymore. So if you knew me back then, sorry. And if you were male - yeah, I probably had a crush on you. But that means nothing. I refuse to be embarrased by it. I've moved on.

This is for entertainment purposes only. If you're not entertained, don't read.

1/11/91 (13 years old)

This is going to be short! Today I was proud that I tried to get along people, and make them happy, when it would have ended up in a fight. I didn't do as well today! As for Jeremy I think he likes someone else! He keeps telling people he likes me as a friend. He wishes people would quit asking if he likes me! I like him. I've thought hard about it. If we will just end up friends I'll try hard to not be shy, and talk to him like a friend! If a friend is as far as he wants to go, that's fine with me.


kelly riding said...

Jeremy? Jeremy Vaughn? I have no idea how that name came to me. Am I just making stuff up?

Sherry Carpet said...

that's what i was thinking too.

jacks, i need new posts. i don't like waiting...your blog is an important part of my day.

Jacks said...

must we use last names??? shouldn't the first name cause enough embarassment?

Man - thanks Krista. that was nice. and made my day.