Tuesday, October 7, 2008

chaperoning my past and seeing my future.

In many ways I will always be in high school. I will never, ever leave. And this past weekend was a reminder of this fact.

As one of the official chaperones for my husband's drama program - I get the luxury of going to the
Shakespeare festival each fall. This year was the first in 4 that I have not been pregnant or breast feeding. And the normalized hormones were a welcome addition to the festivities.

My highlights:
  1. No kids. Or, at least, none of my own. I thought of them often but did not have to wrangle them.

  2. Teenagers dressed in black. Laughing, dancing in parking lots, yelling, hyper. And the one walking in circles around a tree, yelling angrily, didn't even phase me. Except to marvel at the fact that I used to hang out with other brooding teens dressed in black and yelling.

  3. A student lost his shoes. Seriously. And attempted to walk around campus barefoot and in the rain. After purchasing flip flops he received a call learning that another school found his shoes on their bus. How does this happen????

  4. We ate fast and fried for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And then I had some more for snack.

  5. Clin directed the final scene from Taming of the Shrew. As a western. Who doubted it would work? Me. And it totally worked. 2nd place -and performed for everyone. Shazam Clin.

  6. I am still invisible to teenagers. I think. But a couple proved me wrong by putting my suitcase on the bus, and offering me an animal cracker.

  7. Dancing performances to inspire. And someone needs to put them on YouTube so that I can link them here and share them with you all.

And that is it. My life as a chaperone.

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