Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I don't like popular people. I just don't. It automatically takes them out of the running to be my friend. This is just the way I was born.

Do a lot of people like you? Then I can't. I will have to reserve my like for those who do not have tons of adoring fans.

...that is....unless...you already like me. Then I will like you. But only to the extent that you like me. And the second I sense I'm not liked? You are so off my like list. Unless I'm still on your like list.

This attitude keeps me in the clear. I don't ever have to fight for friends this way. I don't ever have to feel bad for not being popular this way. It's amazing how well it works. I can always be awesome, because I don't have to meet up with the demands of popularity. I've completely taken that component out of my life. It's not even a possibility, so I don't ever have to feel bad about having few friends - because the ones that I do have are qual.i.ty.

And I suspect that some of my friends are popular. I don't really have much proof. But I have my suspicions.

For example, one friend is very trendy. She has bangs, and blonde highlights and is one of the most fashionable people that I know. AND she wears makeup! And I just discovered that she goes dancing on Thursday nights. Yeah, I know. Shocking! I mean who actually goes out on a school/work night?

Another example? The other week, while I was reading the comments on a friends' blog, I became jealous. Absolutely, completely, back in high school, jealous. Why? Because not only were there people posting that I did not know, but they were declaring their undivided, eternal, dedication. Declaring immortal friendship. And, come on, even you've got to admit that is a really good hint that this person is completely popular.

But these are only suspicions. You know? And what amazing friends to keep their popularity from me. Rather than rubbing it in my face - they let me remain in a state of ignorant bliss and feel as if I'm just as important as their loving masses.

Plus - I get encouraging comments from one on my blog. And the other buys me circus peanuts. And then remembers to give them to me four months later. And then I eat the entire bag (except for 2) all in one day.


Sherry Carpet said...

i LOVE that one of your post labels is "selfish." i don't think you are even one speck selfish (at least not compared to moi), but you have always had that endearing, self-deprecating quality that -- don't bust me for this -- makes you popular. in a good way.

Arianne said...

I like you. Can I be on your like list? (I'm not popular)

Jacks said...

Arianne- You are so on my list just for saying you like me. And for saying I made you laugh on the other post. You win.

kelly riding said...

okay, you are too funny! i even read this post out loud to one of my friends (don't worry, i didn't declare my immortal friendship to her, that, my friend, is reserved for you and maybe s.c.) i'm just glad i wasn't ever considered a flip flop girl...aren't you? loves.

ps i was totally jealous of s.c. too when her friend expressed her love and friendship. blah. blah. that is reserved only for me and you. :)

Felicity said...

I would rather be unpopular and be your friend. Can I take that option? Because you rock.

Sherry Carpet said...
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