Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I believe that everyone should have one time in their life when they receive applause for their work. Better yet, we should all have a fan club that gives us kudos for organizing, or typing, writing, computing, disciplining, examining, road work, changing diapers, and every other form of work we are doing.

Saturday was my day. But I had actual applause. Matinee performance and with each short jaunt across the stage, someone clapped, or yelped, or laughed....just a bit louder than normal. And applause for walking across the stage with a flashlight? Never happened to me before. But it did on Saturday. And everyone in the cast assumed I had some friends in the audience, but the only ones I knew of were my visiting teachers - who are older, and might clap, but definitely would not yelp or applaud a flashlight cross.

So I was puzzled. But enjoyed it. And felt crazed, elated, and a bit hyper. Okay. So maybe it was the diet coke. And maybe I was imagining the support. But even imaginary friends giving imaginary applause can make for a whole lot of imaginary fun.

And what a job. And why should entertainers be the only ones to feel like that? That is so unfair. So I would like to suggest equal opportunity applause. And if anyone needs some, let me know where and when - and I'll show.

photo via Multiple fragments of tissue


AmyMak said...

That's an awesome post!

Arianne said...

I agree. I think if I had people applauding everything I do, I'd get a lot more accomplished.

Amanda said...

I could use some applause!

So totally random but brent was flipping channels last night and came across a promo on the show extra for another show called "I get that a lot". One of the clips was Mario Lopez selling hot dogs at a hot dog stand in NYC! He quickly hit the record button on the DVR to show me. The show comes on Wed (Tomorrow) on CBS @ 7:00. How crazy is that.

Jacks said...

*clap* *clap* *clap* Amanda - you totally deserve applause.

You don't think that they filmed it when we were there? Or maybe Mario is just really good at selling hot dogs, and thus is asked to do it often???? I'm totally DVRing it.

Amanda said...

Awww, thanks!

I am pretty sure it was filmed that day. It was the corner by the museum and everything. I can't believe Brent just happened across it on TV.

Anonymous said...

Cool post! I totally agree!

Bradley Moss said...

I will always applaud you when you change dirty diapers!! Though you deserve oh, so much more than that!