Monday, March 2, 2009

tasting spring.

We had a hint of spring this week. I think it's my favorite season. I like it when there are one or 2 clouds in the sky and it covers the sun enough to leave a large shadow on the ground, and bright sun everywhere else. I like to be in that shadow. It makes me think of that song from Into the Woods - Giants in the Sky. I don't know why. Other than I always think of giants when it happens. And I always feel like I am looking down on myself in that moment. I guess you can say it's the closest I come to an out of body experience.

It also always reminds me of sitting in the park, behind the house of my childhood. Having just gotten off the bus, choosing to sit in the giant's shadow and talking to Kelly instead of going home. That is spring. Alternating between giant shadows and rainy days. Perfection.

Except that then I have to leave the house. Good weather drives the kids outdoors. Which is good. and bad. because homebody me enjoys a shadow or two, but ultimately prefers carpet and couches.

photo via Nicholas_T

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