Friday, March 27, 2009

shaking it up a few more times.

I've been shaken. And am trying to leave you in a better state.

A few days of continuous screaming, hitting, hanging on, and pushing = a delicate soul on the precipice of being the final petal dangling until torn on the loves me not.

So onto happier thoughts: I still have 6 more moments of villainous revelry and plenty of angry inspiration.

You haven't seen this yet? You should. Tickets are going fast. I'll be there M, W, F, and the next 2 Saturday matinees.

Out of state? Don't have the money? Hate theater? Here's a sample of the crazy.

Thanks to Julia and Nina for the pics!


Arianne said...

You look great. I really wish I could come and see you!!

Judy Tan said...

You look like a good way. Love you Jack, love you mom. That's a compliment to both of you.

Anonymous said...

So fun!! The show was great! And the pictures are fabulous!

Anna said...

I wish I could come! Alas, I live in Kentucky.

Sherry Carpet said...

wow, you really do look like your beautiful mom, esp. in that last picture. amazing. i keep hoping to look like my mom someday.

thanks for sharing the crazy. i wish i could see it in person.

Emmy said...

Sorry we missed it! My mom said great things about it!
Love the pictures!