Friday, March 6, 2009

talking to a 3 yr old.

Millie, seeing me do my hair and makeup for the night's performance, says:

Millie: (Excited) Is Morgan going to come over and watch me?

Me: No. Daddy gets to watch you tonight!

Millie: (Sad) Ahhh. Again?


Arianne said...

That is too funny. Someday we need to live close so she can be excited that Aunt Ari is watching her.

amy said...

My kids prefer a sitter too. And we have been using Morgan lately. Isn't she sweet!

Jacks said...

Yes Ari - I would be excited for Aunt Ari to watch them as well:)

Amy - Morgan rocks! Seriously. She is great.

Bradley Moss said...

You're back! I so missed your blog when you were in the throes of rehearsing. On the note of this entry - hooray for excellent babysitters! While sometimes I feel guilty for using them so often at times, I sure am happy my kids love them and that they love my kids! It makes it a little easier to leave them. In terms of their reaction to Clin, Bradley hates it when the boys ask "Is Daddy going to be our babysitter?" since he feels that the father isn't a babysitter and shouldn't be...he's Daddy! (if that makes sense - it's harder to write than say out loud).