Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I don't like dogs. I'm not an animal person. But today I was traumatized as I watched a car hit a dog on the freeway.

So question to you:

What is the protocol in this situation?

Do you call animal control?

Or the Humane Society?

If you hit the dog (which I did not), are you required to pull of to the side of the road?

If you see someone else hit the dog, are you supposed to do it as well? You know, like a witness to an accident?


amy said...

I hit a dog on 500 west a few months ago. I had the kids in the car, and didn't want them to know what happened so I went straight home. Wade was WAY more concerned than I was when I told him, so he went back to the scene of the crime to find a tag cause he wanted to notify the owners (which I would NOT have had the guts to do). Plus he MOVED it out of the road. There was a collar but lucky for me, no tag. I was kind of relieved. I did not want to tell the owners what happened.

Felicity said...

Oh gosh! That's terrible. I don't know if there are any laws about it--but I'd feel like I needed to stop and see if there was anything I could do for the poor animal.

Huh...But if I didn't do the hitting, myself, I doubt I'd actually stop.

Judy Tan said...

Stay away from my dogs! Did you kill Ginger? Cause mom said that she was put to sleep humanely......now I'm not so sure.

Jacks said...

Judy - Seriously, I was just a witness here. And in regards to Ginger, we know I didn't kill her because I wouldn't even touch her.

Anonymous said...

Oh, sad! I am a dog lover, and seeing this would have broken my heart.