Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a klutz.

Join me in reinacting last week. Through pictures.

This first picture is of a wound that I earned during last Wednesday nights performance. At the time I had no idea it happened. Just a bit of pain in the elbow. I looked down and saw blood. It doesn't look bad now, but at the time I was like, YES! I'm sacrificing all for my character.

I don't have a picture of Friday night's injury. A little difficult to take.

*Spoiler Alert* During the show, I carry a bullhorn. When bringing it up to my mouth to speak, I forgot to stop. And whacked myself in the lip. Complete bloody lip. But only when I smiled.

Saturday Matinee: I stabbed myself in the elbow. Again. Only this time I needed a bandage. But at least it helped me discover the cause of the elbow pain.

Let's look at the two together. Shall we?

Awesome. And I will now have scars that will forever remind me of the fun I'm having.


Arianne said...

You are committed! You even have battle wounds. Wow.

Clin A. Eaton said...

Unfortunantly, no camera can capture the emotional scarring as well.

kelly riding said...

did you fall again? (i like that i can say again!) how did you recieve such wounds? i, too, am very klutzy!

Jacks said...

No falls. Purely prop related this time. The guitar.