Wednesday, March 4, 2009

seeing and clutching air.

I get to wear awesome possum clip-ons for All Shook Up.

And why can't I wear pierced earrings?

Answer: Oh, I let the holes close on up about ten years ago when I jaunted over to Madagascar... and just haven't felt the need to open them back up.

Back to the Story:

I tend to have nights on stage when they refuse to stay on. The earrings, that is. This week, as I gazed lovingly at Matilda's love interest, I felt a tug on my skirt.

What? Am I caught on something? Is my slip sticking out? Is my skirt tucked into my bloomers? Do I look down? Do I ignore?

I chose to ignore. More tugging. So I looked down. And an elderly woman in the front row was stretching her arm up to me. Holding my earring.

Do I take it? Pretend not to see it? How do I do this without breaking the 4th wall? How long will the woman hold it up if I continue to ignore?
So I took the earring. Pretending that it magically appeared in the air. How else could I explain the strange phenomenon?

And then last night, I slipped and fell in the middle of my song. (I have a song!) That's what I get for running in heels. That's what I get for wearing heels.

Gasp. Did everyone just gasp? The entire room just gasped in unison. I think. Stand up. Stand up already.
So I did. And finished the song. And I now have the knee of a 5 year old! How great is that.

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amy said...

Comedy at its finest. Wish I could have been there.