Wednesday, March 18, 2009

the Scrooge of St. Patrick's.

3 years old. And I had to find something green for her to wear. I'm enabling peer pressure. And I'm being pressured by the fear of someone pinching my baby.

This drives me nuts.


Arianne said...

What? You don't have a leprechaun outfits for your kids? You didn't wake up early to make green eggs and ham...and bake green bread...and dye the milk green? What about buying little gold coins and hiding four leaf clovers so your kids could find the pots of gold? What kind of mother are you? ha ha

I usually forget about St. Patrick's day. I remembered this year and pinched Ben for not wearing green. Then he hid my green shirt and repeatedly pinched me while I looked for it. Now I'm a St. Patrick's scrooge too...

Jacks said...

Yeah to my fellow scrooge. You make me laugh. I love it. I didn't do anything like your list. And I think you hit just about everything I've heard of that I didn't do....and now I don't feel as guilty.