Monday, March 16, 2009

a fan.

I spent last Thursday setting up the gymnasium at the rec center for the Library Gala. The annual fundraiser that the library board is in charge of putting together. This was my first. And I was willing to do what I was told. Fill cups with ice, pour water, serve dessert, clean up.

My highlight? Meeting Hesther Rippy. A beautiful, beautiful woman. In her eighties. If I could describe her in colors, they would be silver, black, and red. And she stood out. Walking, living model, stand out. Showing up at 10:00 AM, in full makeup, hair and dress, Hester helped set up the tables. Stunning. Serious, I should have taken a camera. But it turns out I didn't need to. Why? Because she's famous.

Gorgeous. Right? Totally.

The evening's act was the Thrillionaires. And I am now their biggest fan. We're talking Mel from Flight of the Conchords type fan. Their pianist brought his own piano. A real piano. *Love it.* (Serious? Who carries around a real piano? Side note: He is also a piano tuner. Who knew that piano tuners could make the impossible possible.)

The musical they created focused on a small town: new mom (secretly wants to break dance) and son (who thinks he's pregnant but discovers it is only a burrito), move to town. The hyper cheerleader finds out she is in love with the son, and her dad disapproves (has a secret that we discover he thought he had been pregnant and given birth to his daughter 16 years earlier). You still with me here? Local pizza owner likes to fight crime on his own. And they find out that he took a baby from awful parents and left it with the dad (so it was actually a burrito - not pregnancy).

Entertaining. I know!

Saucy stuff. Especially for little town Lehi. I laughed. So what if a little too loud. So what if the people at the surrounding tables looked at me. I think pregnancy from burrito is funny. FUNNY.

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