Tuesday, March 3, 2009

tuesday thinking.

I made whole wheat blueberry pancakes for the girls this morning. WHAT? yes. But before you start throwing mother of the year awards my way, just know that they didn't fully realize until the late hour of 9:10, after I finally pulled myself out of bed.

I really hate admitting that. But come on! The morning after a high energy performance? Right? And I promise they weren't starving. Millie has perfected her access to Cheerios, and Oatmeal Squares, which she lovingly shares with Ellis. Throughout the house.

During my morning's inner struggle, Ellis put her finger in Millie's mouth. So Millie bit down. Hard.

Millie puts her finger in Ellis's mouth and then pulls it out before Ellis can bite. Ellis laughs.

Not a fair game.

I give up on this outfit. I love it. But it only leads to work. work. work. work. The real problem? Snaps. Causing joy in removal. And I have given up putting it back on Ellis, because it is off the moment I turn my back.

And then I discover the living room carpet rolled up and Ellis is playing ring aroung the rosy by herself. In full onesie diaper glory. Throwing her body to the ground after each rosy. Pulling herself back up and RING AROUND THE ROSY again.

Hallelujah for self entertainment.

The couch cushions must be supporting the falls. Because there are quite a few snot trails that weren't there yesterday. Or perhaps a snail is running amuck.

Question: Any idea on a quick fix? For snail trails, that is.


Anonymous said...

HAHA I know I shouldn't laugh, but that is SO my day!!! Love it! Love motherhood! Thanx for the laughs after a stressful evening!

Sherry Carpet said...

this really made me laugh. it's awesome that your girls are as fun and entertaining as their mother.