Thursday, July 3, 2008

asking, "How do you live there?"

The following is the final post regarding our trip to New York with a group of 64 - most of whom were high school theatre and film students.

Everytime I go to New York, one thought plagues me the entire time:

How do people (especially those with children) manage to live there?
I find myself staring, and pondering the thought everywhere we go. I realize that the majority of the places we take students are probably more touristy, and not necessarily where families live.

My one thought is that perhaps most people in New York are single. And if they do have a child - they limit it to one.

I saw many people who were, or looked, single. Is that why New York has so many bars? One restaurant that we went to, I watched as no one sat at tables, and everyone went to sit at the bar. They sat, and talked with strangers next to them, and waited for more strangers to enter and sit next to them. I don't usually sit at bars. I prefer booths, or tables - bars aren't very comfortable. Is that so singles don't mingle too long?

3 was the most children with one person that I observed. And I only saw that one time. In fact, I felt for this woman, as she tried to keep the two toddlers near her while maneuvering a stroller. And a kind man helped her carry the stroller down the stairs - as they were heading to the subway. (Don't even get me started on subway control and kids - subways are not stroller friendly - and Millie would not be aware of her surroundings and accidentally walk off the edge of the platform -and I would be overwhelmed and either miss the train or leave a daughter on the train, etc. Oops - I got started on my own.)

In fact - I saw more dogs than children. Which is fine because I could never imagine raising a family in such a big city. The playgrounds in the middle of buildings, surrounded by fence instead of grass, and other than Central Park there wasn't much space for a child to run around.

And I'm just in awe of those who do it. And everytime I visit it is one of the most fascinating attractions - watching people live.

photo via vestitoverde


merebuff said...

I am totally in awe of the women in my ward who raise kids in the city. Because playgrounds and subways aren't the only issue; there's choosing schools and affording the extra bedroom. Somehow they do it. There is one family in my ward with 5 kids. I think they are crazy, but somehow they manage.

Jacks said...

Wo! That is amazing. 5 kids in NY. I would be so scared of losing them. Take notes - I'm intrigued. I want to hear all the amazing stories.

Arianne said...

I read this article that said having more than 2 kids is the new way that people in the big cities (New York, Boston, etc) show that they are wealthy. Cause you can afford to have help with them and afford to raise them--most people can't handle more than two.

Jacks said...

Arianne- I can see how this would be. Do you see large families in Boston much?