Tuesday, July 8, 2008

cutting hair.

For Independence Day, we did the following:

1. I cut Millie's hair.

It only took 90 minutes and by the time Mulan ended - I realized that the left side of the front was much longer than the right. Patience tried and no movie left to watch, I chalked it up to artistic vision.

I would post a picture but am currently reading about Evelyn Nesbit. (You don't know Evelyn Nesbit? Think Britney Spears circa 1900.) Evelyn's mother was very responsible for her demise. I don't want to give Millie an excuse to blame her demise on me.

2. Feed the Ducks.... and birds....and turtles

3. Colonial Days

We had nothing to do. Nothing. And thus ventured to Colonial Days. This is the second year and we have now gone every year of its existence. What does this mean? New family tradition! In 20 years we will be able to say, "We were there. We were there when it started."

Highlights from the colonial experience:

Lots and Lots of Princesses!

Mrs. Senior Utah performing a dance to Mambo #5.

That's right, nothing celebrates Independence day than a rousing dance to, "Everybody in the car, so come on let's ride to the liqueur-store around the corner. The boys say they want some gin and juice, but I really don't wanna beerbust like I had last week..."

To be fair - her song had been Disneyfied and did not mention liqueur.

We ended the day with snowcones and funnel cake. Not so boring after all.


Judy Tan said...

I do a mean buzz cut if you're interested. I've been doing Chandler's for years.......in case you wanted to check my references and see a portfolio of my work. I would use a #4 as to not get it too short. Think about it and if you'd like I can even her up in Wyoming.

Felicity said...

I can't believe I missed Mrs. SENIOR Utah dancing to Mambo #5...That's something you only dream of happening, if your dreams are scary of course.

Jacks said...

Felicity - are you Tara? Why do you go by Felicity? And if you're not, then I'm so sorry. I totally think you would have loved the performance. It really was enjoyable and I loved it even more because of the location and context of the event. It.was.awesome!

Jacks said...

Judy - I'm so taking you up on the buzz cut. And maybe you can give me one as well??