Saturday, July 12, 2008

reviewing the week.

A look back at my highlights of the past week:

  1. My mission trainer (Anna) came to visit - we ate lunch and I actually cooked something. Okay, I didn't cook. But I blended and mixed to come up with chicken salad sandwiches and tomato salad with a parsley vinagrette.

  2. Vicarious moment - Anna has fulfilled a dream of mine. Bought an old house and fixed it up. Go see a photo journaling of this amazing feat and cry for me as you think, "Wow, Jackie will probably always have to experience this dream through the hard work of others. Too bad she married a theatre teacher and not a construction management major." And I will respond, "True. But lets look on the bright side, Clin and I are highly qualified to act this out."

  3. I ate an entire 1.5 lb container of Frog Eye Salad thanks to our friends the Mosses. Gotta love leftovers. Normally I'm not a huge fan of the Frog Eye, but this was a magical version. The secret? Cherry jello powder. Mmmmm. So I guess you could call it Pink Frog Eye Salad...or Frog Pink Eye.....

  4. Softball between the YW and the RS. All night I thought, "Wow - I can do this. I remember how to play. I totally just hit the ball. I am amazing. We should do this every month." The next morning, "I can't move. My thighs are like lead. Just have to throw them over the side of the bed and I will be able to stand. Must...stand....up..."

  5. Goodbye Thayne. We love you. Nigel is just an evil man who has bigger plans that, for some reason, do not include you. A moment of silence/remembrance from Utahns that love you:

  6. Yeah, I started my period!

  7. Cooked 12 pounds of hamburger all in the name of GIRLS CAMP 2008! Woo-hoo!

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Judy Tan said...

Yeah, she started her period! Yeah, she'll be off of it by Wyoming! So sorry you may be on it at girls camp, but look on the bright side......yeah, you'll be off of it by Wyoming. Woo Hoo!